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  1. Hello Chaitanya,

    I have read your blog posts and I think they are great! You offer some good advice on topics in a way that actually feels genuine. These days too many people will use titles like the ones you’ve used just for the click-bait aspect and have no desire to write truly meaningful content. It’s a shame honestly…

    The unfortunate, (and ultimately ironic), flip-side of the coin is that not all of them mean harm, and perhaps even have some meaningful and original content to share. Yet they get discouraged by the fact that after weeks, and even months of writing, editing, and posting articles, researching how to implement proper SEO, formatting content for their blog, etc., they still aren’t getting views and traffic on their site. At least in the numbers they feel like their content deserves. Often times it actually does when compared to half the garbage out there going viral these days, and when they, we, I look at the titles of these articles there are some commonalities to be noticed.

    It sometimes seems that if you don’t name your article something along the lines of: “How To Make $1,000 Per Day In Passive Income”
    or maybe: “The Complete Guide To Formatting A Blog post” and many more, I’m sure you’re familiar…

    So I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re articles are absolutely great, and you have original, thoughtful content that is relevant to the titles you provide and the ensuing content that actually grabbed my attention and had me read your entire blog. I wish my writing we’re half as good…

    I don’t know you, nor will I pretend to think that I know what motivates you to write these blogs, or why you created your website in the first place. One thing I do know is web-design, and how to implement proper SEO, and many things on site-map structuring. (which if you don’t already know is basically the way to build you’re site’s “skeleton” so to speak, so that the major search engines like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, etc., will index it and recommend it to more people)

    Let me make this clear real quick, this is not a sales pitch lol. I would never write something like this to attempt to solicit money or get someone to “hire” me.

    I simply enjoyed you’re content and think that it should be read by more people, and with just a few tweaks, i believe you would’nt have to do much to make your site go viral.

    These are some of the things I’d recommend if anything I just said resonates with you because as I said, I have no idea what you started this for. It could just be an online journal, or simply to express your thoughts and feelings, and that you don’t really care about SEO or growing the audience. Which is completely fine btw.
    Anyway… Here are some tips if you want to try them out.

    First off, check out Google’s webmaster series. Just type into Google that exactly and you’ll have basically all the knowledge that you need to ensure you’re site is getting the proper attention of Google, and all other search engines for that matter, that it deserves.

    Some WordPress advice:

    1.) Have only a few categories, which you seem to have stuck with only a few so that is VERY good. I used to have soooo many, and then I learned how bad this practice was.

    2.) Use tags for articles and posts, that don’t quite fit into one of those categories exactly. Like if you have a self-improvement article or something, yet the closest category you got to that is news.

    -The reason for both of those recommendations is this. If you have a ton of categories, then Google thinks of you’re site as a jumble of too many topics, and not relevant to a “niche” so to speak. You can have a Blog that you write about many topics, in fact, you can still write about anything you want, but try to limit it to a few categories and then use tags for your outliers.

    3.) This one is hard but essential. Try to get more content on your site. For example, I clicked on one of your categories after reading the post that I found your site by, and there were no articles in it. Then I clicked another and the same thing happened. You’ll lose some smuck who doesn’t realize that perhaps you’ve just started out, and they won’t remember your site.

    -Try to have at least 3 or more articles/blog posts/pictures/etc. for each category and tag. Don’t have loners with one story. If you do, then just go into you’re site admin dashboard and merge it to another category or tag. Then erase the other one, or write a few more posts and label them all with it.

    4.) This is a simple one, and you will either laugh at me for suggesting it, or do what i did when I learned about it and smack yourself in the forehead lol… Type in your website name,
    but after the final / type in wp-admin.
    So it would look like this:

    this will take you to you’re actual WordPress admin dashboard and offer you a little more freedom in customizing your website.

    I can give you many more tips if you ever need or want them, but for now, I’ll leave it at this considering this is a VERY long comment. I just really liked your site and feel like with a little polish, you could be writing for thousands to see. Feel free to message me anytime and I’ll answer any and all questions you have.

    A final note: I barely touch my WordPress blog now… You should consider going to and starting a blog there. Medium is simply a blog, and there is no website designing to do. It’s simpler, and yet much more prestigious. If you have been on it before you’ll know what I mean, but I think it will suit your writing style great.

    And btw… On Medium, all of your stories are eligible to earn money. There is no membership fees for it either. 100% free. They also don’t rate and pay you for your articles by traffic, or by selling stuff. Simply the quality and user engagement. If a Medium user reads you’re article, and claps, (Mediums version of liking your post or blog) then you make a little cash. Some Medium writers make thousands per month for writing simple, 3 minutes read blog post updates just like the ones I enjoyed so much that are right here on you’re site.

    You can also import your WordPress content to Medium so you do not have to start from ground zero.

    Keep it up!


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    1. Steven,
      I really appreciate all your amazing advice, thank you for taking the time to go through my blog and to give me such valuable insights! I will take action on each of your suggestions- it would have taken me months and maybe more to figure all this out by myself!
      Thanks again!!!


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